Super Star Shooter GAIDEN

Super Star Shooter GAIDEN.Youtube Video.Promotion Video : Audition : contentsIt is a game to compete how long you can get a mark during 2 or 5min.The game becomes the end on the following conditions. There is not a remaining number of planes. Time is up. A time limit breaks through the mission of five minutes.Operating environmentBy touching a screen you are able to move your ship.Norma attacks are usually continued automatically by touching a screen.Power upOffensive ability rises to acquire an item which appear when you destroy a power plant.The power-up is set for four stages.A barrier occurs with the fourth phaseThe trajectory is changed by every stage of powering up.A rank of the offensive ability falls when hit in the attack of the enemy.You lose one plane in being hit when an attack level is low.Guided missileThe power for shooting a guided missile can be stored if a finger other than the finger which operates a ship touches a screen.A guided missile can be shot if a finger is lifted after charge finishes. Continuous use of a guided missile cannot be performed but it can be used after progress of a definite period of time. Bonus pointA bonus point is added if the item which destroys a terrestrial bonus plant and appears is acquired The magnification of a chain bonus increases a maximum of 8 times by getting the item of the same color. A chain is initialized when the item of another color is taken in a chain bonus.There are bonus elements other than the above, please search.Let's enjoy!--------------'SERVICE MODE' DipSwitch setting (ON/OFF).A1:SCREEN DOT BY DOTA2:SCREEN SIZE TO 66% (iPad Only)A3:DISABLE ANTIALIASA4:DISABLE DEMO MESSAGEA5:DISABLE TOUCH MARKA6:DISABLE TUTORIALA7:-A8:DEBUG INFOB1:JAPANESE TITLEB2:BGM USE YM2151+MSM6258 (FM Tone Generator+ADPCM)B3:SE/VOICE SILENCEB4:BGM SILENCEB5:WEAR GLASSES?B6:OLD CHARACTER (X68000 version Character)B7:-B8:--------------SUPER STAR SHOOTER GAIDEN STAFF[PRODUCE]THE DOTMAP BROTHERS.[PROGRAM & SOUND DRIVER]ICHIROH SATOH[MUSIC & ARRANGED]JUNICHI YOSHIDAPOMP THE BASS[ILLUSTRATION]EARTH-BLUEFIELDMIMORI FUJINOMIYA[SPECIAL THANKS]TAKASHI NAKAMOTO
Price USD 4.99
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File Size 30.07 MB
Version 1.1.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4. iTunes account required.