Knock knock, where am I?

We are providing you, or rather your children with a safe, well prepared, educational mobile application. We wish you only nice and funny moments with Knock, knock, where am I?"This educational app was created for children age 2 and over. According to the research, children at that age are likely to start using tablet computers to play, listen to fairy tales or to struggle with their first multimedia coloring pages.This is also a good age for such experience, but children should always use multimedia tools in moderation, under great parental control and care. According to various specialists, children at kindergarten age shouldnt spend more than 15 minutes daily using tablet computers.Tablet computers help to develop childrens skills as well as support traditional educational methods. We have put all efforts to make the application Knock, knock, where am I? as professional as possible. Each detail was consulted with our invaluable experts: 2-year-old Nathalie, 4-year-old Nicholas, 5-year-old Alice and 6-year-old Hannah. When the children noticed something unnatural with the wolf, we have corrected its shape, when they pointed out incorrect placement of the cow, we have also made a correction. All in all, this product is for them. Therefore, we have been treating this program as a common adult-children project since the early planning stage. They were proud to have such a big influence on every detail of the app: color, sound, navigation, etc.This is how we have created the application which develops manual and observation skills, teaches counting and sounds of 45 animals located in 9 different regions of the world, from the desert through jungle, Australian bush, the ocean to the cold Arctic.The child will additionally find here a farm, forest, mountains and the dinosaur world. Apart from that, there are a few surprises for them :)Children has to find the following: a cow, duck, chicken, mouse, sheep, polar bear, snow owl, penguin, whale, seal, parrot, kangaroo, emu, koala, dingo, lemur, monkey, tiger, elephant, chamois, eagle, marmot, wolf, fox, deer, boar, squirrel, bison, brown bear, dolphin, turtle, ray fish, clown fish, sea horse, lion, rhino, snake, camel, zebra, diplodocus, stegosaur, tyrannosaur, triceratops, pterosaur.We provide the parents with the section where they will be able to broaden their knowledge on the childs development in the context of using new technologies such as tablet computers or smart phones.This application wouldnt be created without engagement of many specialists, those little ones and those a bit older. Miss Anna Gorgon, an experienced English teacher has coordinated the sounds layer of the application. Graphic designer, Beata Pekalska with Grzegorz Majsterek supervised the reality of animals and its worlds, so kids could learn about them without creating false image. Mr Marcin Solodki, childrens educator and pedagogue, has created the methodology of our application. Finally, it was programmed by specialists from Nubsoft IT company.We are providing you the first board entitled Farm for free. We hope that this will enable you to evaluate our application positively and convince to buy 8 other boards, which will be unlocked after one, single payment.We are encouraging to use our other applications. More on can also like us on our Facebooku page: rating: Low Maturity
File Size47.5 MB
Operating System Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.