4 Photos - One Word

This is a very exciting game; there you will have to demonstrate their knowledge and thinking. The meaning of the game is that you are shown four images and you need to find out what they show, or that the pictures similarity and enter the correct word. To help you guess the word you will be given 14 letters, of which you need to make a word. In the game there will be tips that can help you in this difficult time. One of the tips will remove all unnecessary characters and leave only those of them you need to lay down the correct word. The second hint will reveal to you a letter in the word that you have to guess, but here you will find a surprise! You may participate in the opening of the letter, as the letter to move quickly, you have the ability to stop it at any of the enclosed letters. If this game you met a lot of words, which you could not solve, and use up all the clues, do not worry, they will resume after a while!Subjects in the game are different, so that children and adults will play with pleasure! Develop your brain, attentiveness and thinking and then you will be very easy to solve assigned tasks. Play and have fun with the game.Content rating: Everyone
File Size7.38 MB
Operating System Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.