Fuwapaca in Wonderland - Alpaca Clicker game

Most Cute Ever ! Collect Sweet Alpacas !Adventure with Cute Alpaca in fairy tale world,Enjoy countless sweet candiesAdventure with Fuwapaca to eat 30 billions of candiesMeet cute alpaca friends in WonderlandSearch for the legendary Alice (^o^)/----------------------------------------------------------Adventure with Fuwapaca to eat 30 billions of candiesMeet cute alpaca friends in WonderlandSearch for the legendary Alice (^o^)/----------------------------------------------------------[Story]One day, Fuwapaca left his spa to hang around. Suddenly, he saw a rabbit alpaca running into a rabbit hole, screaming Im late!! with a clock holding in her hands. He was very excited to meet a new alpaca friend, so he chased after her into the rabbit hole. Then, he found himself in a magical world called Wonderland. In Wonderland, Fuwapacs favourites - candies are everywhere. Lets come and feed Fuwapaca with those candies!In Wonderland there is a tale - if you can eat 30 Billion candies, you will be able to see the legendary Alice. Alice has very strong magical power, she can help you to make any dream come true. As a candy lover, Fuwapaca was very happy to know that and took the challenge. Come and help Fuwapaca with candies, let the world full of beautiful candies. [Game Info]This game story is inspired by the famous Alice in Wonderland. In this wonderland, when player taps on the screen, candies will fall from the sky. Fuwapaca will able to enjoy those candies, which is his favourite ^_^***Simple, feed Fuwapaca to level up ***Level up when Fuwapaca is full, come and help Fuwapaca to grow up quicklyFuwapaca will eat candies even if you do not open the app***Cute, meet our Alpaca friends ***Every species of Alpaca friend have different cute shape and sounds.All the the Alpaca friend are friendly, they will help you to feed FuwapacaThe more Alpaca friend you have, the wonderland will get more crowdedCome and complete the Album of Alpaca friends***Fun, Be fast to Catch the Golden Candy***What is the golden thing falling from sky ???Oh, that is the legenary golden candyYou have to be fast to catch it. It will give you great bouns! ***Interesting, lets search for Alice ****The legendary Alice have super magic power. She can realize any of your dream. When you eat up to 30Billion candies, you will able to meet Alice.What will happen next? Do you dare to challenge ? ***fruitful, tasks are easy ***Complete task you will receive rewardsAlpaca friends will become very excited They will feed Fuwapaca very quickly***Interactive, Challenge your friends***Bored with standalone game? Challenge your friends now!Link to facebook, and see who can realize his dream first!
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 25.06 MB
Version 1.0.2
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone 4. iTunes account required.