Chemistry Docking

Puzzle this out! Match famous drugs with their target protein. Science Time!Are you ready to take on this new challenge?! Try to match a big molecule (protein) with a small one (ligand / drug), like a jigsaw puzzle you need to orientate all the pieces of the two molecules to maximize the number of possible interactions. Like a key (drug) and a lock (protein) you need to create the just right key hole to use that special key and unlock the next level.Chemistry Docking is your new original, engaging and casual game app. Is it a puzzle game? ... Even more ... It is a simulation of what scientists do!Discovery ScienceLife is based on molecular interactions and scientists study how molecules come in contact, recognize, bind and modify each other. How do they do that? Have you ever wondered about the drugs you take and where they come from? In one of the first phases of advanced studies of drug discovery, researchers design new promising drugs at the computer. They match molecules and select the one that creates the best interactions with a specific target. Play ModeTap into the science world and play Chemistry Docking: drag your ligand into the big molecule and choose the right location as they come in contact. Tap to rotate the parts of the two molecules and challenge your brain. There are many possible matches, have fun and find the ones that gets the best score and lights up the stars.Chemistry Docking with its attractive graphic and unique design mixes scientific concepts with casual gaming elements. The chemical structure of the drugs and the protein is fused with a simple representation that emphasizes what kind of interactions each part can establish.Easy interface at your fingertips with a tap and a drag.Enjoy working out 30 different puzzles, bumping up your score every time and lighting all the stars. Get through each level and reward yourself with some trivia and scientific information.Now its your turn! You can match it!Music details:"Rollin at 5" and Cool Vibes by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Docking is an ad-supported app. The advertisements are served through iAd. We encourage you to check their detailed privacy policies relating directly to the advertisements the company serves:
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Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4. iTunes account required.