Free Game - Ghost Game

In this puzzler, you play as a ghost. The goal of this game is to help all thepeople in a room escape. If any of these characters see you however, you lose(because saving people is a thankless job.) The main gameplay mechanic of this game is possession. As a ghost, you canpossess both animate and inanimate objects and move around in them. Althoughthis restricts your movement, it allows you to interact with the physical worldand guide characters out of the room. Here, we'll flesh out the three types ofobjects the player can control--the ghost, moveable characters, and inanimateobjects. The player can only control one object at a time and switching formswill is required to solve most puzzles. When the ghost is possessing a character, it maintains all of its basic physicalproperties (height, weight, shape, etc.) However, now, the player is able tocontrol the movement of whatever it is possessing or exert forces on it to makeit move. Below are descriptions of all the kinds of objects a player maypossess: The ghost moves wherever the player touches on the screen. The only thing thatlimits the ghosts movement is a barrier (i.e. a wall or a platform.) If there isa barrier between where the player touches and the ghost, the ghost stops atthe point where the barrier intersects the straight line between the touch andits original location. The ghost is not effected by gravity or any otherphysical object other then barriers. Also, the ghost sprite is not present onthe screen in any form when it is inhabiting another character. Moveable characters constitute any character that can move to new locations onthe screen, i.e. has locomotion. Moveable characters do not have to beconstantly moving and they may not move at all--one may simply stay stationary.The ghost can possess any moveable character and can then move with the abilityof that character. While all the physical properties and movement limitations ofmoveable characters remain unchanged upon possession, a number of propertiesdiffer.
Price USD0
License Free
File Size 3.16 MB
Version 1.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone 4. iTunes account required.