Easy Colors

You are people who love Colors?Give it a try - the game illustrates an interesting phenomenon by challenges the link between the visual color and the word of the color.There are 2 different playing modes:* Get Meaning, Put Color - Understand the meaning and click the button with the correct color* Get Color, Put Meaning - Recognize the colour and click the button with the correct meaningActually, the second one ("Get Color, Put Meaning") is known in science and medicine as "Stroop Effect".What is this?Inspired by love to colors, we created an interactive game for resolving colored questions. If you like colors, it is always pleasure to look at something colorful.How to play?Just start & play!FeaturesThe game is supporting different playing modes as well as more other features:1. Questions organized as a test sequence (e.g. 30 questions)2. Shows the result after the test exam (count of correct/incorrect, time used)3. High scores - keeps track of your best result for each level4. Supports different color palettes for different tastes.5. Supports tablets and phones (tested on Samsung Galaxy Phones, ASUS and Kindle Tablets).Notes1. Your feedback and/or review is more than welcome.2. In case of any question or problem with the application or you want to add your idea - just write us an email on chessartforkids@gmail.com!BackgroundWhile the mechanisms of color vision at the level of the retina are well-described in terms of tristimulus values, color processing after that point is organized differently. A dominant theory of color vision proposes that color information is transmitted out of the eye by three opponent processes, or opponent channels, each constructed from the raw output of the cones: a redgreen channel, a blueyellow channel, and a blackwhite "luminance" channel. This theory has been supported by neurobiology, and accounts for the structure of our subjective color experience. Specifically, it explains why we cannot perceive a "reddish green" or "yellowish blue", and it predicts the color wheel: it is the collection of colors for which at least one of the two color channels measures a value at one of its extremes.The exact nature of color perception beyond the processing already described, and indeed the status of color as a feature of the perceived world or rather as a feature of our perception of the world a type of qualia is a matter of complex and continuing philosophical dispute.Recent changes:1.0.2Added translations (Russian, Spanish, Bulgarian)Content rating: Medium Maturity
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Version 1.0.2
Operating System Android
System Requirements Compatible with 2.3.3 and above.