Fire Rescue! Pet Fireman Games

Doctor kitty, come quick! We need a fireman to put out these flames! Truck: Fire & Pet Rescue Kids Games puts you in the heroic boots of a baby kitty fireman who has to put out fires and rescue adorable baby pets. Can you build up a reputation and help save everyone from the fire? It's a good thing this kitty brought his hero fireman outfit, as this is going to be a difficult fire to put out! Build your fire truck out of different parts, then head to the flames and get ready to be a hero. Put out the fire with your fireman parts, then rescue all of the trapped people one by one. It's hot out here, baby, so you've got to work fast!With all of the people rescued, you'll need to play doctor to make sure everyone's all right. Build more rescue parts as you save these people from the fire. It's not easy, but you've got the skills necessary to get it done!Features:- Play as a cute kitty fireman hero!- Put out fires using your water hose.- Rescue victims from the flames.- Save baby pets and doctor them back to health.- Build a fireman truck with spare parts.- A fun, safe game for kids to enjoy.How to Play:- Create your fire truck out of different parts.- Use the touch screen to spray water on the fire.- Select tools and use them to rescue victims.- Doctor everyone back to health, too!DOWNLOAD NOW for FREE!--FOR MORE INFORMATION--Like us on Facebook at us on Twitter our web page to find more games! www.partykidsmobile.comContent rating: Everyone
File Size27.93 MB
Operating System Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.