Popping Twins - Memory Game

Learn to match shapes, colors, numbers and more with Popping Twins. Play through an amazing 75 levels matching numerous different objects in a range of difficulties. Popping Twins is great and fun learning tool for children ages 4 and up.Popping Twins allows your little one to easily play in just seconds. The big colorful graphics and sound effects will keep your preschooler entertained while they learn. With the simple swipe and tap mechanics your child will have no problem navigating through the game. Popping Twins is jam packed with 75 fun filled levels. Match 6 different types of objects, everything from letters to colors and shapes is included.Playing is simple. Just tap on a field to reveal the shape, number or object underneath, then tap on another field and try to match same shaped objects. Correct matches will disappear of the board leaving behind any unmatched cards.Features:Simple memory game for kids (Ages 4 and up)Easy to learn controlsFun sounds and graphics75 levels12 difficultiesDifferent types of objects to match (Letters, Numbers, Shapes, Things and Colors)A fun brain training and learning toolRecent changes:Performance improvementsContent rating: Everyone
File Size10.59 MB
Operating System Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.