"It's always the red cable...!" Defuse the bombs, but don't let the colors of the cables fool you!If you cut the wrong cable... BOOM! Oh, and by the way... it is not always the red cable...TicBoom! is a fast paced concentration game where you have to defuse bombs as fast as possible.You will be faced with a ticking bomb. Three colored cables connect the timer with the explosives. You have to choose which cable to cut by tapping the appropriate touch circle. But be aware: two cables are safe which defuse the bomb but one cable will let it explode. If you defuse a bomb successfully the next bomb will appear at the stage. But this time a different cable is the dangerous one.To make things easier we print the solution at the top. But the word is printed in a different color than the color the word is describing at least most of the time. Furthermore, the touch circles where you have to cut the cable are colored as well and are changing position with every bomb. This is really just to puzzle you. All you have to look for is the color of the cable and the written color at the top. Unfortunately the timer keeps ticking away. But every defused bomb gains two seconds to the timer.The app is developed for smartphone and tablet screen sizes. It comes with a short tutorial and supports a GameCenter leaderboard. And you can challenge your twitter friends directly from the app.Features:- fast paced concentration game- a fresh confusion of colors- tutorial explains how to play- cool soundtrack- GameCenter leaderboard support- twitter your high-score from within the app
Price USD 0.99
License Purchase
File Size 36.3 MB
Version 1.22
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4. iTunes account required.