2048 Sheep

Once upon a time, there lived a young sheep Norah. She was running in a field, enjoying her carefree life and dreaming of new discoveries, which she was afraid to experience alone. Luckily, one day Norah met another sheep by the name of Dorian, who was also keen to find out about the Unknown World. And so they began their journey. Together.Merge identical tiles and join Norah and Dorian in their exciting adventure. The first discovery for two young sheep was a big tree with a red something on it. Dorian knocked down this something and it turned out to be an apple. He wanted to eat the apple, but Norah got out of the pocket the bow and an arrow, put an apple on her friends head and promised to shoot the apple down. And She did!The apple fell down and they saw a worm inside the fruit. Norah got scared, but Dorian simply took the worm as it may be handy for the fishing. As soon as they spotted the pond, Dorian took out the fishing rod and the fish hunting began. Eventually, Norah and Dorian caught the Gold Fish and they put it into aquarium. They could endlessly watch their fish and they felt like this was the biggest wonder they could ever spot. However, the very same moment they looked away for a second, the cat ran to the aquarium and ate the Gold Fish. Sheep felt frustration as they lost the fish, but they found a new beautiful creature the Cat. The sorrow completely disappeared, when they saw that the Cat has a mate, and they are in love. Norah and Dorian saw the most amazing wonder so far the Love. Norah and Dorian understood that they fell in love since the first time they met, and only the lonely owl was a witness of their feelings.After a while, the family of sheep found out that now they were three: Norah, Dorian and the Kid. However, the adventure did not stop there they continued to travel all together. Sheep believed that that their family was big enough, but along the journey they have met Giraffes. Surprisingly, those creatures were taller than all the sheep family together. So far, Norah and Dorian have experienced the wonders they never expected to find out about, and who knows what awaits them in the future - as soon as they continue their adventure in The Big World.
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License Free
File Size 3.72 MB
Version 1.3
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4. iTunes account required.