Higurashi When They Cry(jp)

iOS7/iPhone5 Version(v2.0) released!!From the immensely popular sound novel "HIGURASHI When They Cry" comes Episode 1 "Onikakushi-hen/Spirited Away by the Demon Chapter" now available for FREE. Announcing the release of the enthralling serial murder novel "HIGURASHI When They Cry" for the iPhone/iPodTouch!Be challenged by an intricate mystery of inexplicable deaths in "HIGURASHI When They Cry". Starting from a coterie of animation, comics and various media it has experience growing popularity throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the rest of the globe in addition to Japan."HIGURASHI When They Cry" is an original and official application of Ryukishi07.contact address: app_support@seams.co.jp iPhone benefits Optimized for the iPhone display. Character size and layout can be fine tuned for the ultimate game experience. Simple System menu operations available through flick operation, also featuring auto-mode and journal browsing of your history. Pause/game resumption Quick pausing in the middle of game play is possible with instant resumption from the stop of play location.Please enjoy the experience of the village of Hinamizawa in 1983 through this new iPhone application! StoryThe village of Hinamizawa serial murder incidentEvery year on the same day in June, someone died and there was a mysterious disappearance.This death is intertwined in the conflict surrounding a gigantic dam project.The resurrection of a mysterious case hidden during the Showa era.Conspiracy, chance, or a curse...All the mystery of this horrific serial murder novel "HIGURASHI When They Cry" will lure you into an evening of harrowing tragedyAn unavoidable tragedy. Do not yield. Do not be daunted. You cannot resist.Without a choice, you yourself must seek the truth in this sound novel.To fear. To devote. To fight.Only 1% is successful.The enjoyment is up to you! ContentsPlay Episode 1, "Onikakushi-hen", for freeDownload and enjoy the first episode "Onikakushi-hen/Spirited Away by the Demon Chapter" now for free.Episode 2 and continuing scenario supplements can be purchased for download.You can experience "HIGURASHI When They Cry" Episode 1 "Onikakushi-hen/Spirited Away by the Demon Chapter" now for free!Episode 2 and continuing serials are also available for purchase."HIGURASHI When They Cry"Episode 2 "Watanagashi-hen/Cotton Drifting Chapter" 2010/04/29 scheduled releaseEpisode 3 "Tatarigoroshi-hen/Curse Killing Chapter" 2010/05/06 scheduled releaseEpisode 4 "Himatsubushi-hen/Time Killing Chapter" 2010/05/13 scheduled release"HIGURASHI When They Cry KAI"Episode 5 "Meakashi-hen/Eye Opening Chapter" 2010/05/20 scheduled releaseEpisode 6 "Tsumihoroboshi-hen/Atonement Chapter" 2010/05/27 scheduled releaseEpisode 7 "Minagoroshi-hen/Massacre Chapter" 2010/06/03 scheduled releaseEpisode 8 "Matsuribayashi-hen/Festival Accompanying Chapter" 2010/06/10 scheduled releaseThis application "HIGURASHI When They Cry" is a Japanese language application.Development in other languages underwayStay tuned for more information! on Sales!!iPhone4 campaign starts!The Special Sales will start. Ep2-Ep8 on sales.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 747.6 kB
Version 2.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad. iTunes account required.