Chess Arsenal

*** Please note: no database is provided! This app is for managing your own choice of openings so it begins with a blank slate! Read on to know more. ***Organize and memorize your opening knowledge.Chess Arsenal puts you in command of a customized opening repertoire. Enter your favorite systems from books, update them as you like with trends in Grandmaster games, and revise your lines between rounds at your next tournament. Then train to memorize your openings with targeted quizzes. The right answers are based on personal preference, not popularity or the statistical decisions of computers. Find what works for you and out-prepare your opponents!Repertoire Features: * Enter opening variations and specify key moves you want to play. * Provide alternative moves for when you choose to vary your lines. * Name your openings for refined training. * Easily expose gaps in your repertoire. * Build lines for White and Black without switching contexts. * Record annotations (!, ??, ?!, etc.) and take notes. * Import/Export PGN files via iTunes or email.Training Features: * Take random quizzes from your repertoire or filter for specific lines. * Train black, white, or both sides. * Repeat failed quizzes until you get them right. * Jump to the repertoire screen to review forgotten answers. * Find your best and worst results sorted by percentage correct. * Identify opening weaknesses for further study.** Dont be caught off guard at the board. The best time to prepare is before the game! **Fill Chess Arsenal with your favorite openings and all their side-lines. Tell it which response you would play in a tournament. These moves come from your own research, not the app, so you are building a truly personalized opening repertoire. Improve your organization by naming openings. These can be chess names (Sicilian Defense) or custom groups (Bobs Opening); its up to you!Do you have a standard response to 1. e4, but change it against a particular player? Enter both moves into your repertoire and add a comment to explain the alternative.Switch to training mode and your openings are played back until a key position is reached. Do you remember the move you prepared? Train against your entire database or focus on specific openings by using the quiz filter.Identify openings to study by reviewing your training results. Feeling confident with certain moves? Tell Chess Arsenal to skip them while training and focus on more challenging lines.* PGN Import/Export *Chess Arsenal supports the popular Portable Game Notation (PGN) format used by most chess software. Import PGN files via iTunes or choose Open in Chess Arsenal within other apps. These can replace or be merged into your repertoire. Export your repertoire to PGN via email attachment or iTunes (drag and drop files with Apps->File Sharing->Chess Arsenal). Exports contain all the moves you looked at, with your repertoire moves marked in comments.To follow the app, visit the support page!
Price USD 1.99
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File Size 2.14 MB
Version 1.4
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone 4. iTunes account required.