Circle Rage

Circle Rage will make you want to throat punch your grandma...It will make your day terrible, and your week worse. Circle Rage doesn't care....It's designed to irritate you.... The game is simple, tap the screen to launch the mini-circle towards the other big circle. The first connection is the easiest, you wont get more than 7, 95.6% of us can't even get 6...8 things to consider before downloading:-Once hooked, your life takes a back seat to Circle Rage..don't fight it.-Your tweets will become fits of rage..-Your FB posts will follow suit...-Don't play near children, potty mouth is guaranteed..-Don't play at work you wont get anything done...-You will suck pretty bad at this game....everybody does...-You may become obsessed with scoring just 10..-Circle Rage always wins. FACT!If you're a hard core gaming Ninja and nothing makes you more enraged than getting owned by a cheesy game.... you'll want to steer clear of this one. Its deceivingly simple, but..being a 10th degree Black Belt gaming ninja wont get you anywhere, Circle Rage doesn't care who you are..... this and you're guaranteed to lose. Looser. That's all Circle Rage knows., Everybody is a 10th degree looser if they can't score 10.....Circle Rage isn't responsible for broken phones that get curb stomped by chuck taylors, or fastballed at the wall in a toddler fit of rage. You should be able to control yourself...once again Circle Rage doesn't give two craps..Oh, one more thing, the mini-circle starts rotating faster the more connections you make....Yea..., Circle Rage did that just to tick you off because making the game even more difficult and irritating is the goal....Aaaannnnd here's the best part...there is a little annoying sound fx at the end of the game.... It should remind you of your life journey to this point. Our best advice....? Stop playing games and actually talk to your family, friends, and most of all your grandma's. Don't punch your grandma! She probably wont recover from it...Disclaimer(before I forget): Do Not Play While Driving...its super dangerous. We've got some reports of people texting and playing games while driving. Dont do it!. Got it?....There may or may not be a secret cheat code.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 5.37 MB
Version 1.0.1
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4. iTunes account required.