Birdy Tap - Endless Catch

You are a hunting bird that constantly needs to gather food for your chicks. Tap your birdy through the forest on a hunt to gather as many apples as possible. Every 4 apples equals 1 jar.Avoid hitting the skulls. The game speeds up and you move forward faster the longer you stay alive. Hitting a skull moves you 8 steps forward and hitting an apple moves you 4 steps back.Big No Nos in the game: 1) Dont fly too far up or drop to the bottom2) Dont go off the screen to the far right3) Dont stop tappingYour score are determined by this formula:Score = (Jars x Ability) + ((Taps/20) Skulls + (Sets / 4))Here is what you need to achieve:- 1/25: Get more than 10 jars of apples- 2/25: Get more than 50 taps- 3/25: Get more than 20 skulls- 4/25: Reach more than 10 sets- 5/25: Get more than 50 jars of apple- 6/25: Get more than 300 taps- 7/25: Get more than 50 skulls- 8/25: Reach more than 25 sets- 9/25: Get more than 30 jars without any skulls- 10/25: Get more than 70 jars and more than 500 taps before 20th set- 11/25: Reach more than 15 sets without hitting any skulls- 12/25: Get more than 50 jars and more than 500 taps and less than 15 skulls- 13/25: Get more than 100 taps before 5th set- 14/25: Get more than 1500 taps- 15/25: Get more than 100 jars and less than 20 skulls- 16/25: Get more than 200 taps without hitting any skulls and apples before 7th set- 17/25: Get more than 180 jars and more than 1200 taps- 18/25: Get more than 500 taps and before that getting ** exactly 30 jars, no more nor less**- 19/25: Get more than 200 jars- 20/25: Get more than 200 jars and less than 40 skulls- 21/25: Get more than 260 jars- 22/25: Get more than 500 taps and collect **30 jars and 15 skulls exactly**- 23/25: Get more than 500 taps and before that getting ** exactly 50 apples, no more no less**- 24/25: Get more than 50 jars without hitting any skulls- 25/25: Get more than 100 skulls before 20th planWOW!!! you are a Birdy tap master!
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 25.68 MB
Version 1.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4. iTunes account required.