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An exciting adventure where spelling is the key to victory. Letter Battle allows you to record your own custom spelling lists, mixing education with fun RPG gameplay. Ideal for grades 1-4. Welcome to the land of Alphabania, where an evil wizard has used his power to steal all the letters and words from the land. The only hope now resides in a young hero with the special gift to bring life back to the letters. It is up to you to travel through forests and mountains, face a variety of nasty minions, defeat the evil wizard and bring balance back to land. Along the way you'll spell dozens of words and build an army of letters. You'll need their help in order to save Alphabania. Features: Embark on an epic adventure with over 45 battles. Battle enemies by spelling words correctly. Recruit an army of letters. Create your own custom spelling lists by inputting and recording any word you like. Adjustable difficulty (Ideal for grades 1-4). Discover Mystic items to aid you in your quest like the Spelling Sword and Letter Shield. Become the Letter Hero. For Parents: Make those weekly spelling lists more fun by recording customized word lists with an easy-to-use interface. The core app features word lists in English, but customized word lists can be created in any language.
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