Bomb Dodge - Don't Explode! Hectic Gameplay by Smashing Bombs, Dodging Explosions and Avoiding Fireballs

Dodge evil bombs and fireballs to survive as long as possible! Dont blow up in this explosive avoidance game! Just pickup Bombee and drag him to safety. While your at it, smash a few red or purple bombs. Whatever you do, dont touch a fireball! A mad scientist flipped the switch at the bomb factory from good to evil. The steampunk bomb machine is creating evil bombs that are exploding everywhere! You need to help protect Bombee, the last friendly bomb from blowing up! Watch out! Bombee's on the Bomb Explosion Test Range (BETR) and it's going crazy with fireballs burning everything that moves. Protect Bombee, the blue bomb, and keep him safe so we can all get out of this alive! In Bomb Dodge you can use your finger to pickup, drag, and smash evil bombs into the walls. Bombs are very explosive! Any bomb near an explosion can cause a massive chain reaction explosion. A small amount of fire from a fire ball or explosion is enough to ignite Bombee's short fuse. If his fuse burns up we won't have anyone to save the world from the mad scientist and his evil bombs! Make sure you avoid anything that could ignite a bomb fuse! Use Lots of Fingers! 1. Fling and smash bombs into the walls 2. Dodge the fireballs and explosions 3. Swipe or tap power-ups to survive 4. Pickup Bombee with any of your fingers Exciting Enemies for Endless Play1. Red bombs have a timed fuse and a random movement path. They arent very smart, but they can be harmful in groups. 2. Purple bombs are Tracker Bombs (aka the Kamikaze bomb). They are extremely dangerous in close proximity. You can smash the kamikaze bomb or trigger their proximity sensor escape quickly. Stay away from packs of Trackers, they can be very aggressive and make you explode! 3. Fireballs are extremely dangerous for Bombee (or bombs in general!) and those hot flames must be avoided at all costs. Dont get to close!4. The Fast Clock will speed up all of the bombs and fireballs in the Bomb Explosive Test Range. Tap it three times to make it disappear! The clock makes everything move even faster, so you better keep Bombee protected! 5. Bomb Dodge gets harder as you play with faster waves of enemies. Its fun, intense, and hectic at the same time! Power-ups Will Keep You Alive 1. Use Star Power to become invincible (god mode!) and you'll be able to destroy and smash all of the bombs and fireballs for a limited time. Hint: use 2 or more fingers to clear the entire screen quickly! 2. To protect Bombee's wick, you can pickup a Safety Shield that can save him against one explosion or close call with a fireball. Get Massive Points! 1. Every enemy you destroy or avoid gives you points! 2. Increase your point multiplier by destroying as many bombs and fireballs in a row! 3. The point multiplier lasts for a limited period of time and can give you huge high scores! 4. Play either defensively or offensively. Dodge bombs to keep Bombee safe or smash bombs to make the center a safe zone. 5. Remember, there is only one good bomb and no safe fireballs. You must protect that bomb and make sure he does not explode! Feedback, Questions, or Suggestions: Email Paul Solt at
Price USD0.99
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File Size 23.41 MB
Version 1.2
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone 4. iTunes account required.