CandyDepot is an educational game designed for middle school mathematics students. The game invites players to work their way up the corporate ladder by managing the shipping department at Candy Inc. CandyDepot focuses on a critical mental activity referred to as units coordination. Students who coordinate two levels of units in activity can solve simple multiplication problems, like 4x6, by counting by 6 four times. However, such students cannot necessarily understand situations involving more than one set of 6s. For example, they might not deduce that 4x6 and 3x6 is simply 7x6. In order to meaningfully understand such situations, students need to interiorize two levels of units as a structure in which they can think about four 6s and three 6s as objects that can be acted upon. Likewise, interiorizing three levels of units opens possibilities for students to meaningfully assimilate numerous situations across content domains: whole number multiplication, integer addition, fractions concepts, and algebraic reasoning.Upon entering the Candy Depot, the benevolent President Carmello fast tracks you for promotion. She informs you that you are now responsible for distributing candy bars to Candy Inc. customers in the United States. To prove your worth, you must package and ship the correct number of candy bars to fill customer orders. The challenge is to efficiently ship each order using the fewest number of componentsbars, bundles, and boxesas possible. At Level One, you must first choose how many bars go in each bundle and how many bundles go in each box. Your performance will be rated by how efficiently you bundle each order. The fewer bundles and boxes you use to fill an order, the higher your efficiency rating will be. For Level Two, you are allowed to preview the orders that will be placed. Identifying common denominators and factors between the orders will help you choose optimal numbers of bars in each bundle and bundles in each box. Again, the fewer bundles and boxes you use to fill the orders, the higher your efficiency rating will be.At each level, players must work quickly and efficiently if they hope to impress the ever-grumpy Boss Cog!
Price USD0
License Free
File Size 8.38 MB
Version 1.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPad. iTunes account required.