NLP: Rainbow

AIM OF GAME: passing into the high performance state (HPS). The state is characterized by higher brain activity (in comparison with ordinary state). It helps to take decisions, get answers to difficult questions, find ways out of problem situations and maybe even drastically change the attitude to such situations.In different parts of the screen in random way you can see name of word color name of the word CLAP. The color of the word is selected in random way too. You need to say the color (not the written word) and clap your hands, if you see the word CLAP.*** GAME SETTINGS ***In the game settings you can select: Number of colors up to 7: red, brown, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet. Percent of claps in the game. Take or not take into account the direction of the palms while clapping. Shape of words. Music and sounds during the game and in the end of it.Besides that you can select the language for the color names: Eglish Russian German French Spanish Portuguese Italian*** GAME RULES ***GAME STARTThink about a problem situation: imagine it, remember the sounds, body position, feel it, write down. Associate yourself with the problem situation or task as much as possible.PASSING TO GAMEChange the body position, breath, shake the shoulders. And immediately start the game.GAME ITSELFSelect the speed of the game that it would difficult and interesting enough for you, that the game would be with ardour.Select the time of game: minimal 2 minutes, it is recommended about 10-15 minutes.Run the game.On the screen you can see a word in any color with the name of a random color or the word clap. Sometimes the color name and the reflected color can coincide, sometimes not. You should say the color regardless of the written word. At the same time if the word clap is shown you need to clap your hands.To complicate the game it is possible in the settings:1. To select additional colors.2. Set the option of different words for the clap. To clap the hands in the way that left or right palm is on top at the clap.3. To show the directions where the word appeared by hands.FINAL PARTReturn to the context of the task. Maybe you wont be able to do it immediately. You should apply every effort for it. Its important.Realize the task one more time. Pay attention to changes of your attitude to the task.DO YOU KNOW THATThe game is one of the games of NLP New Code (neuro-linguistic programming), that give even and safe load for brain and help to enter the high performance state. It allows to put a different perspective on the world for some time.It is recommended to play regularly 2-3 times a week.In this game the Stroop effect is used (the research of this effect is published in 1935) the delay of reaction to the reading of the word if this word means one color but is written in another one.
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