Hoist Sail for the Heliopause and Home

*Heliopause* is interactive fiction a classic text adventure. No graphics! No point-and-click! You type your commands, and read what happens next.Steer a ship to distant stars and see what you find, in this compact science-fictional fairy tale.- A snack-sized narrative, finishable in one session.- Fluid interface designed for comfortable typing and reading.- Achievements tracked through Game Center.- Pop-up palette of commonly used commands.- Includes a handy status display tab (so you dont have to type EXAMINE SHIP over and over). Bonus ship diagrams and graphics added especially for this iOS release.- Full support for VoiceOver (speech output) and dictation (speech input) on devices that offer these features.In Heliopause, space is the Great Forest of Arthurian knight-errant and Grimm fairytale, or the ocean of the Odyssey: anything might be encountered there, but you won't be able to plot it on a map. Sam Kabo AshwellLike many of Andrew Plotkin's games, *Hoist Sail for the Heliopause and Home* is beautiful because so alien... The game-play is extremely ingenious at teaching the player to manipulate and appreciate something completely unrecognizable. Emily Short at PlayThisThing*Heliopause* won the XYZZY Award for Best Writing of 2010. A browser-playable version is also available (for free) on my web site.
Price USD 0.99
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File Size 7.54 MB
Version 1.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later. iTunes account required