The Key is Blasts

Simple to play but not too easyClear a stage faster and efficientlyCompete with rivalsMake stages and uploadDownload stages that others made This is a game that you touch screen. this game's rule is simple. If you touch on the play area, blasts are generated from there. Balls move under the influence of the winds. If you generate explosion at short range by a ball, you can move the ball stronger. If you move a blue ball to a goal hole, you clear the stage. If a ball hit a wall or a other ball, the ball bounce. If a blue ball hit a needle wall or is pinched in moving walls, the blue ball will burst and you will have to start over again. You can play this game in portrait or landscape. If you play a wide stage, it may be easy to play in landscape. Once you have cleared a stage, if you try clear faster or efficiently next time, it may be more enjoyable.You can upload clear time of each stage and you can compete with other players. In "Original stages", You can play 150 stages. When you cleared the last stage, if you have cleared all stages, you can see different ending from if not. You can play only stage 1 to 30 free. In "Edit stages", You can make stages for yourself. You can make a stage from scratch or copy a existing stage and edit. You can upload stages that you made on the Internet and other players can download the stage. You can make a new stage to only 5 times free. In "Download stages", You can download stages that other players made and uploaded from the Internet. You can download a stage to only 10 times free. If many players make new stages and upload the stages, players can play many stages. When you upload record of each stage or your stages, you are identified by "ID" mainly. You can get "ID" automatically from the Internet when you play this game first. Your personal information in your terminal is not used at all. There is no sound in this game.
File Size22.55 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPod Touch (3rd generation or later, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPad. iTunes account required.