TRY IT NOW FOR FREE ! THE ULTIMATE IPAD STRATEGY GAME : GENESIA LITE !This new version of GENESIA is inspired from the game of the same name I created twenty years ago on Amiga 500. GENESIA, named Ultimate Domain in the USA, is a turn based strategic game that received the Tilt dor in 1993 for the best strategic game facing the challengers of the time such as Dune 2 and Starlord . 100% REWRITTEN WITH OPTIMIZED TOOLS FOR IPAD 2 GENESIAs programming has been entirely re-thought and re-written according to Objective C, whilst maintaining the philosophy and original title of the game. A BALLSY GAME DESIGNED FOR PLAYERS HARD TO PLEASE GENESIA is not an easy game. Contrary to Gameplay where everything is pre-cooked and where your hand is being held to redirect you every two minutes, here there is no tutorial obligating you to do this or that in order to advance. In GENESIA, there are no mind blowing special effects. I preferred to keep my focus on the deepness and interest of the game. AN OLD FASHIONED GAME, WITH REAL TURN BASED BITS IN THEM ! One year is divided into four seasons and each season corresponds to one round in the game. In the beginning of each round, little time is given to you to elaborate your strategies and distribute your orders, before passing to your opponents hand. You can do what you want at any given moment whenever you feel the need to. Being quick or slow isnt a problem, at any given moment the situations can permute and a well played hand can change the unravelling of the round. A situation that seems completely hopeless to you can, armed with patience and strategy, turn around to your favor. TACTICAL COMBAT, MANAGEMENT, ADVENTURE AND GEMS ! GENESIA isnt a simple race against time. You will always have several ways to do what must be done, and step by step, you will sharpen your tactics. To achieve victory, you will have to develop your economys politics and accumulate resources that will enable you to recruit soldiers to find as fast as you can gems of NEORT. GENESIA ITS ALIVE ! To evolve in GENESIA, you will have to act as harmoniously as possible. Several crafts are at your disposal to build this New World : farmers, lumberjacks, blacksmiths, carpenters, soldiers... But all of this wont be done easily for other Governors are striving just as you, on other territories. Its your economys development, your military force and technological advancement that will lead you to the term of your engagement. As in every society, your people aspire to happiness and have their own lives. They work, pay taxes, get married, have children, age... and are even subject to diseases. Flowers favor the presence of pollinating insects, the tree roots stabilize the grounds, and vegetation develops accordingly to the natural environment. The sea, the rain, the storms, the snow melts, drinking water wells influence the groundwater. The seasons have a direct impact on the exploitation of the natural resources. GENESIA IS YOUR GAME, FOR A LONG TIME This new version is the first stone to building an empire that we can create together. It will take time and GENESIA will evolve during the following months. I already have dozens of ideas I would like to incorporate to make GENESIA the most complete, interesting turn based strategic game there is. IN A NUTSHELL A Strategy and Management turn based game in a living world. Playable, up to three players on the same iPad or against the artificial intelligence. A procedural universe: two rounds never look alike, for hundreds of hours of gaming. A deepness and attention to detail unprecedented on iPad : form armies and conquer foreign provinces : soldiers, bowmen, horsemen, champions, bards, cannoneers and hot air balloon pilots are under your commands. Your architects have the blueprints for dozens of constructions.
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License Free
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Version 1.0.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPad. iTunes account required.