Blind Chess Trainer

Train yourself to play blind chess.Being able to play blind chess will help you to concentrate better, and it will improve your imagination, because you have to constantly keep a mental image of the position.So, how does the training take place? There are five stages:1. NORMAL CHESSIn this mode, you can use the app as an ordinary chess app. Once you have a good feeling for the interface, you can move on the the next step.2. NO COLORSThe pieces of both players are shown in the same color (gray). So, during the game, you have to remember which piece is whose.3. NO PIECE DIFFERENTIATIONAll the white pieces look the same, as well as all black pieces. You can see when pieces come into contact with each other, but you have to remember which piece is which.4. NO COLORS AND NO PIECE DIFFERENTIATIONAll pieces look the same. This is very close to playing actual blind chess. All you can see on the board is how the pieces are positioned.5 BLIND CHESS!Congratulations, you are ready to play blind chess! The board is empty. Or, rather, all pieces are transparent. You can enter a move as usual (by dragging or tapping), and the reply will be displayed in the title bar at the top of the screen. If you have mastered the previous stages you will definitely notice an improvement in your ability to play blind chess.During the game, you can ask yourself some questions, like:What is this piece doing here?Why would it have been moved here?Which square did it come from?All this will help you to see the game as a story line.Good luck with learning to play blind chess!
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Version 2.3
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later. iTunes account required