Glowfish HD (Full)

REVIEWS"Glowfish is aquatic exploration nirvana. It's got absolutely everything going for it. It plays like a dream, looks and sounds like a dream, and fills you with a real sense of wonder. There's no other word for the whole package other than 'magical.' Glowfish is a must have for every single iPad owner." -"The game's gorgeous, even by MumboJumbo standards, and the whole experience is just pleasant. Check this one out." -"... A glowing visual feast masquerading as a fun underwater adventure game for your iPad. If you've played and enjoyed games like Osmos, then you'll love what GlowFish has to offer." -"The sound is perfect for the gameplay and sounds great with or without headphones. The music is moody and atmospheric without being overwhelming or overbearing. Did I mention that the game is gorgeous?" -"With over 50 levels, you'll be constantly surprised and pleased by everything that Glowfish HD throws at you." - Square-Go.comDESCRIPTIONThe evil Dr. Urchin has kidnapped Coralline! Its up to Glowfish to free his lady friend and sea pals everywhere from his clutches in this underwater platform adventure. 50 vibrant, colorful ocean landscapes await in this arcade-style underwater adventure game. Filled with charming sea creatures, you must navigate your way through the twists and turns of each maze level with a fluid joystick control system. Bewarewhile you scour the ocean floor in search of lost friends waiting for rescue, a host of enemies is lurking! Each level takes you deeper in the unique ocean world with new challenges and enemies at every turn. Gather your friends to make Glowfish bigger and better at challenging the boss on each level. Set the captive friends free by surrounding Glowfish with a powerful ring of friends, or circle the enemy to fire your blasting bubbles and win each arcade battle. Add to your team by collecting powerful Glow Chums to help you along the way, and upgrade them by collecting coins to give you even more of an edge in each boss battle! Dive in and be prepared to be dazzled by Glowfish. FEATURES 50 A-Maze-ing platform adventure levels Unlock all 8 Glow Chums Collect coins to upgrade your Glow Chums Dominate in each Boss Battle Get 4 Stars on each level 25 Achievements Hours of family-friendly entertainment MORE GREAT GAMES FROM MUMBOJUMBO!!! Search for MumboJumbo on the App Store and the Mac App Store, or visit to find more great games from MumboJumbo!!! 7 Wonders Chainz Galaxy Everyday Genius: SquareLogic Luxor Luxor: Amun Rising Luxor 2 Midnight Mysteries: Devil on the Mississippi Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials Samantha Swift and the Fountains of Fate Unlikely Suspects Find us on Facebook: us on Twitter:
File Size76.19 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPad. iTunes account required.