Racoon The Thief HD

Racoons are hungry and they are looking for food. The only way to get the food at the moment seems to be very difficult, now it is your job to help them to enter into the Big Fat Neighbor's house and ..... this game is a very good way to train your mind, have a try and see if you are smart enough.... Game Introduction: Once upon a time there was a raccoon family with four inseparable brothers, and one of their favorite hang-out place for food, was the kitchen of their chubby neighbor. The food in his kitchen could feed them into fat little chubbies, not so good of a deal for him though. Whenever he would spot them he would chase and beat them out of sight. To help the raccoons, the player would require wisdom, intelligence, and quick reflexes to help the brothers avoid obstacles placed by their chubby neighbor to jump into the cellar. The dust has settled, now the fight between the Big Fat Neighbor and the little Raccoon Thieves have started. Game description: There was a time when in a farm lived a big fat man. Guests who came to visit all thought he was autistic, since his doors were always locked, windows often closed, and even barricaded the entrace of his cellar with numerous traps and obstacles. Whenever there was even the slighest sign of trouble he would immediately storm out holding a big stick with roars like thunder. Few people knew that he was actually guarding his kitchen against the Raccoon Thieves. The Raccoon Thieves were the cute yet troublesome gifts from mother nature. Theyve always had a thing with their neighbors choice in food, and his kitchen became their favorite spot, frequently visiting and feasting without notice. Then and after, the Fat Neighbor continued to strengthen security, but the blocked doors and nailed windows werent enough to stop the four raccoons determination to advance. In order to safely escape theyve even prepared an escape route set in the cellar. No matter how hard the Fat Neighbor tried, its seemed like the Raccoon Thieves always found a way through, but the more frequent they succeed the more effort Fat neighbor will put into trying to keep them out. There are in all 30 levels at the moment, 5 free included, we will add more levels soon. The aim of the game is to help the raccoons break through the barriers (example: straw, wood, etc.), avoid Fat Neighbor, and jump into the cellar in the shortest time possible. The controls are quite easy, simply click on the barriers to break them. As the game progresses, the difficulty would increase, making it harder to figure out the shortest logical escape route for the little raccoons. Win the game and gain highscores by helping the raccoons reach the escape point, and they will show their appreciation with laughter and cute expressions. However, if the Fat Neighbor chases them into the cellar or the raccoons misses the entrance, youll only be able to hear poor sighs from them, facing no choice but to restart!
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 22.43 MB
Version 1.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPad. iTunes account required.