Free to Play Okinawa Game

The game to stay in shape! Suitable for everybody, very easy-to-use and well designed, Okinawa Game offers 4 Game Modes: Sharpen your Reflexes, Train your Brain, Exercise your Memory and Keep the Rhythm!Play all 4 Game Modes at will (multiple levels available) , then for more fun buy the extended packs for additional levels and no ads! (in-app purchase)Okinawa Game is part of Happy Blue Fish "Lifestyle Gaming" series: great mix of casual gameplay and lifestyle content!Sane mind lives in a healthy body!Okinawas way of life that made the island famous for its world record centenarian population - is now available directly from your pocket through the 4 game mode of Okinawa Game. Learn the sport habits and balanced diet that could improve drastically your day-to-day life. Take care of your mind and body by reducing your stress, think positive!Learn while you playWith Okinawa Game, you will discover a new type of game where you can play and learn at the same time. Okinawa Game is much more relaxing than a brain training game plus you learn something!Anybody can playYou think you cannot manage it? You're definitively wrong! You've played casual games before? You may not find it so easy to master this game!Four modes of Gameplay - More choices, more fun!You will have different objectives in Okinawa Game: learn and collect the good food, balance your meals, exercise for a long life and keep the rhythm as much as you can. Master Ki is here to guide you!Features and gameplaysFOODS Game Mode: Your dextery will be at work here! Catch the good food, avoid the bad one in Master Ki Kitchen! Master Ki shows you very good food, but also the food to avoid. So when he cooks, catch the good ones, and avoid the bad one... Beware of the addictive foods!MEALS Game Mode: Balance your diet in the Hano room! Move foods from left to the right position.... without putting a large one on a smaller one! Some levels are balanced meals made by Master Ki, in other levels you have to select the right foods to make your own balanced meals!MIND Game Mode: Relax and learn Katas in Master Kis Simon Dojo?Master Ki will show you 6 Academic Katas each step at a time, so you can memorize them using the classic Simon gameplay. 2 Freestyle Katas are available to challenge your memory capacities!BODY Game Mode: Keep the rhythm with Master Ki on the beach! Regular sport is very important on the Okinawa Island. Tap on the tempo, and keep the rhythm with Master Ki! The training levels are easy, so reach out to the Freestyle levels!Okinawa Game is the second titles of Happy Blue Fish's Lifestyle Gaming range. Do you know the first one, Feng Shui Game? It's available on the App Store.
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License Free
File Size 17.07 MB
Version 2.4.2
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later. iTunes account required