HANAFUDA Japan Free Lite - Japanese Traditional Card Game

#1 Hanafuda Koi-koi App!Supports online matches! (the ONLY Hanafuda iPhone app that does!)Introducing the "Echigohana" card suit design! (FIRST and ONLY of all the Hanafuda games.)Fully Supports Apple Game Center! (the ONLY iPhone app to do so!)Supports iPhone4's high-resolution Retina display!Include beautiful Japanese-style background music!The fastest Hanafuda App with the best operability!Includes instructional guides with complete explanations so that even beginners can play easily.*** We provide this "HANAFUDA Japan Free Lite" as small App size version of "HANAFUDA Japan Free". If you can connect to Wi-Fi network or use iTunes on your computer, please download and enjoy "HANAFUDA Japan Free" version that's also Free App and with BGMs of high-quality sound and a lot of BGMs. ***- Online Matches -(*i)You can play online with players all over the world via the Internet (using 3G or a Wi-Fi environment) as long as your opponents have any "HANAFUDA Japan" series app.It records your statistics, including your points, your win percentage and your number of straight wins.There are no other iPhone Hanafuda Apps that support online play!- "Echigohana" card suit design -(*ii)This is our first time to introduce the Echigohana card suit design!(The "Hachihachihana" card suit design is the most popular design, so this app includes both the "Echigohana" and "Hachihachihana" designs.)This visual design is a bit different from Hachihachihana, the defining feature of Echigohana is that there are Chaff cards that depict classical Japanese Waka and entirely gold and silver colored.- Game Center -Your points, win percentages, and number of straight wins will all be registered on the worldwide Leaderboards which contain the highscore rankings.You earn Achievement awards when certain conditions are met.And also, you can extend friend invites to your opponents and invite friends. This app fully supports Game Center!- iPhone4's Retina display -When it comes down to it, the best part of Hanafuda is the beautiful card design!This app supports iPhone4's high resolution Retina display!- Beautiful Japanese-style background music -There are Japanese-style background musics composed using Japanese Instruments. The Japanese instruments used include the Japanese zither (koto), the three-stringed banjo (shamisen), the vertical bamboo flute (shakuhachi) and the drum.- Speedy and Easy to Use -This app optimizes the size of cards and the user interface to maintain good visibility and operability even on the iPhone's smaller screen.You can use this app to play Hanafuda easily and comfortably!- Instructional Guides with complete Explanations -Includes instructional guides with complete explanations so that even beginners can easily learn how to play.*i : In this lite version there is a limit on the number of points you can gain in a single day in a local or online match. You can remove this limitation with an additional purchase.*ii : In this lite version the Echigohana card design sets can be enabled through an additional purchase.Features:- Koi-koi Local Play : 1 Player (6 Hands(seasons), 12 Hands, and Knockout mode(*a))- Koi-koi Local Play : 2 Players (Bluetooth Client)- Koi-koi Online Play (using Game Center's Matchmaking)(*b)- Online Ranking (using Game Center's Leaderboards)- Achievements (via Game Center)- Statistics- 3 Levels of CPU Difficulty (Easy, Normal and Hard(*c))- 2 Hanafuda card suits (Hachihachihana and Echigohana(*d))- Japanese-style background music- iPod background music available- iOS 3.0 or higher iPhone, iPod touch, iPad (*e)*a-d : In this lite version, these features can be made available through an additional purchase.*e : Features that use the Game Center's functionality, such as Online Play, Leaderboards and Achievements, are available with iOS 4.1 or higher on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 2nd generation through 4th generation, and iOS 4.2 or higher on iPad.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 55.63 MB
Version 2.1.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad. iTunes account required.