Build an army and coordinate the defence of your Hive while at the same time attempting to capture the enemy Hives you discover as you complete a variety of unique missions. Fast paced, fun, action packed adventure.============TIP: for those who find the Enemy Bumble Bee hard to beat...Firstly, as you get higher up the levels the AI improves and the enemy will be quite capable of dodging most things you can shoot at it. However, if you fly past it to the right and start attacking it on your left then you can push it back towards your hive and then there is no escaping - it will be shot down.Secondly, not all levels require you to go on a full scale attack and completely destroy the enemy - sometimes you need to be patient and just fend off the onslaught of the enemy until they have depleted their resources - then you can easily overrun them ... try some different strategies. Thirdly, the default control systme (where you point to a spot on the screen and your Bumble Bee will fly there) is only good to get the ball rolling. As you start getting to the harder levels you will need to switch to the joystick controls so you can be flying, and shooting, and building, and moving your ants around with better efficiency. Finally, the enemy can be beaten, so don't give up. If you are stuck on a level then send me an email and I will help you.============Story: the Princess of your Hive has been captured by the evil bee known as Beezerk. It spells doom for your Hive community if you can't get her back. You must find and rescue her from the evil Beezerk.============Meet some of the characters:You! - You get to fly this Bumble Bee around and lead each mission. You can carry passengers on your Bumble Bee and have two types of attack: (1) Angry Homing Mosquito, and (2) Dropping Rocks. You have a limited supply of both but can return to your Hive to Refuel at any time.The Princess - Yep, this is what it's all about. Unfortunately she isn't much to look at but has great taste in shoes.Beezerk - He's the bad guy who has captured your Princess. He is really tough, and has armor, so you may get a bit jealous because you have none. You do have Bono inspired sunglasses though, and that surely will help.Flowers - Provide the Pollen. The Worker Bees automatically go about their work harvesting it.Worker Bees - Are really important. They collect the Pollen for you so you can spend it to recruit Ants to help you out. Without the help of Ants you will fail your missions. They can't defend themselves or attack so you need to protect them.Mosquito - These guys are crazy. They are quick, and can lock onto an Enemy Unit and chase it around. They only have one quick burst of energy though, so you can try run away, or dodge them until they run out of energy.Ladybird - Sometimes you get help from Ladybirds which can collect pollen like a Worker Bee.Hive - A Hive is your Home Base. You can return to your Hive at any time to refuel and it's a safer place to be also with it's inbuilt defence capabilties. However, a Hive can only defend itself against Enemy Bees and has no defence against Enemy Ants.Ant - Ants can take over an Enemy Hive. Normal Ants like this one are good for manning the Ant Hills but are not very tough out in the open especially against Soldier Ants.Soldier Ant - A Soldier Ant is just like a normal Ant except they are stronger. They will be crucial to your success.Ant Hill - Fantastic defense while your Bumble Bee is off fighting somewhere else. It only needs one Ant to man it and it will automatically attack Enemy Ants nearby. If the Enemy Ants storm the Ant Hill quickly enough they can take it over, or if their Bumble Bee drops an Ant directly on top. You can do the same though. Often you will lose a mission very quickly if you lose control of the critical Ant Hills.
Price USD 1.99
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File Size 3.53 MB
Version 1.0.1
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad., Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later., iTunes account required