The I Ching originated from ancient China. It is regarded as "a reflection of the universe in miniature" and embodies the basic understanding about the Cosmos and philosophy of life in Chinese culture. As a decision-making aid for more than 3000 years, emperors and sages used the I Ching to realize the situation, to foresee the future and to grasp new opportunities. According to the I Ching, there is in the Changes the Supreme Ultimate. This generates the two primary forces. The two primary forces generate the four symbols. The four symbols generate the eight trigrams. The eight trigrams generate the sixty-four hexagrams. The sixty-four hexagrams determine good fortune and misfortune. Good fortune and misfortune create the great field of action. On the basis of the profound I Ching philosophy and traditional Chinese divination method of drawing lots, iSeer perfectly interprets the esoteric and obscure Bagua in a very easily understood way. iSeer covers five aspects closely related to daily life-Love, Career, Studies, Business and Health, and provides insight into the changes and the future. Consult iSeer when you feel confused about life or when want to get prepared for your future, or whenever and wherever you like. Features Most authentic I Ching divination method widely used in China; Shake your iPhone to foresee your future; Easily understood interpretation of each hexagram; Five main concerns in daily life-Love, Career, Studies, Business and Health; Perfect experience of traditional Chinese culture; Save your hexagrams to Camera Roll (to do this, hold down the Power button and press the Home button).
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