Word Zapper Lite

This is a sample edition of Word Zapper. The super-fun and addictive game that gets you to create words out of a given six letters. The rules are simple. Combine the six letters on the screen to make as many words as you can before the timer runs out. As you wind your brain up, youll nail the high score.The goal of every level is to solve the 6 letter word. Once you do that, you are allowed passage to the next round.If you get stuck, just tap The Zapper to rearrange the letters! Doing so will often reveal previously overlooked letter combinations to give your brain a jolt!What are you waiting for? Zap to it!Game Features:* Two types of game play: Timed and Casual play (no timer!)* Track your personal high scores.* Over 10,000 words to solve! * Display the definition of any solved word (only real words used here).* Customize the display to show word hints sorted by length or as one entire alphabetical list.* Includes animation and sound effects for added realism.Play Game gives you three minutes to move to the next round. Your goal is to find as many words as you can. There are actually several ways to move to the next round: solve all three letter or four letter or five letter words or one six letter word. This gives you more ways to move to the next round. Crank out extraordinary scores by solving as many words as you can and moving into additional rounds.Casual Play is untimed and you must solve all the words to move to the next round. There is no high score board for casual play and you can play the same game forever!Options allow you to turn off sound, choose results in upper or lower case, and choose how to sort words. Try it. Youll love it!
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 1.53 MB
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad., Requires iOS 3.0 or later., iTunes account required