Robot Rover Lite

Story:It seems several alien merchants from a far off galaxy have robbed the International Trading Bank on Earth. Fortunately an Interplanetary Satellite Guided Missile from the Galactic Travel Police was launched in time to disable the rogue merchant's main engines.Interplanetary Space Agency Engineers have concluded that the spacecraft's stolen gold coins were ejected during the explosion. These gold coins are now being pulled toward the Moon's surface.A robot rover named Eagle has recently landed on the Moon to conduct research experiments. Your mission is to pick up all of the gold and find the spaceship.Features On the Full Version:-A comprehensive tutorial that explains how to use new and old features.-Battle your robot through 30 levels of destructive mazes.-The Tiles turn green when they are safe to move over.-A tilt scale that displays when there is enough tilt to move the robot forward or backward.-Compare your highscores with other players online.Lite Version Features:- Three levels and a comprehensive tutorial.Controls:Use the Accelerometer to move the robot or use arrow buttons.Tips and Tricks:-If you tilt the device standing up (as opposed to sitting down), it makes the robot easier to control.-Stop at all green tiles and wait for the obstacle to pop up. Then wait for the obstacle to disappear before moving on the tile.
File Size3.72 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone and iPod touch., Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later., iTunes account required