Puzzle Domino

Puzzle Domino is a modern twist on an old classic, using Domino pieces, Tetris like mechanics and Match 3 Gameplay!------------------------------------------*** GAME TACTICS gives Puzzle Domino an 8 out of 10!!! ****** GAMING EVOLUTION gives Puzzle Domino an 8 out of 10!!! ****** MODOJO gives Puzzle Domino a 4 out of 5!!! ***"We know that the iPhone has a bajillion puzzle games, but Puzzle Domino is among the best."- MODOJO -"Puzzle Domino is one of those games that could easily become a big hit. Its simple, its fun and, above all, its addicting as hell...."- BLAST MAGAZINE -"Puzzle Domino is a new game for the Apple iPhone from 415 Games. Its basically Tetris meets match 3 gameplay and it works remarkably well..." - GAME TACTICS - "Puzzle Domino is a nice and welcome surprise for those who enjoy puzzle-based games. Its well worth the $2 price point."- GAMING EVOLUTION -------------------------------------------Watch out! Think fast! Stack the falling dominos! Match three-in-a-row and clear the playing field. Horizontal, vertical or diagonal combos all make the dominos shatter and disappear. Turn the dominos by tapping the screen and move the dominos by dragging the pieces to where you desire. Be warned! The more combos you make, the faster the dominos fall. Dont forget to use your bombs and the changing dice to help you out of tight jams. But be careful you dont get addicted! Time flies when you play Puzzle Domino.Puzzle Domino gives you hours of engaging match play, similar to other popular puzzle games such as Stackem, Mah-Jong Quest and Poppit. ------------------------------------------How to Play-Match 3 or more blocks of the same number to score. -Matches can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.-Matches/Combos longer than 3 scores more points. -Making multiple matches in a short amount of time gives you a score multiplier. -To rotate the domino clockwise or counterclockwise tap the right and left side of the screen. -To move the domino left and right drag your finger across the screen, you do not have to touch the domino. -To move the domino down by dragging your finger down the screen. The domino will continue to move down if you keep your finger on the screen. -Flick the domino downward to make the domino fall faster.------------------------------------------Features-Fully optimized for the iPhone (OS 3.0 ready) and iPod Touch-Addictive match 3 gameplay.-Utilizes simple proven Tetris like mechanics.-Easy to pick-up and play.- Play your own Music! (Must be playing music desired before starting game)-Helpful tutorial to get you started.-Endless combos. Endless chaining. Infinite levels.-Can be fun for minutes or hours.
Price USD 1.99
License Purchase
File Size 3.05 MB
Version 1.1.1
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch., Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later., iTunes account required