Poker Solitaire, or using its Swedish name Pokerpatiens, is a solitaire game where your goal is to produce as good poker hands as possible in a 5x5 pattern. All in all there are 10 hands which are given points: The 5 rows and the 5 columns.The rules are simple:- The first card placed on the table must be placed at the top left position.- After that, every card placed must touch an already placed card, where "touch" also includes corners touching. E.g., your 2nd card to place can be placed in either of 3 positions: To the right of the 1st, under the 1st, or downwards diagonally-right from the 1st.- You are allowed to throw away a total of 5 cards at any time.When all 30 cards (5x5 + 5 thrown away) have been placed, your table will be given a score which is the sum of the 10 poker hands. Scoring:Straight flush: 20 pFour of a kind: 14 pFull House: 12 pFlush: 10 pStraight: 8 pThree of a kind: 6 pTwo pairs: 4 pPair: 2 pThese rules & points are the ones which are the standard Swedish ones.Other features:- Top 5 points list- Current game is always saved so you can pickup where you left (possible to switch off in preferences)
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Version 1.2.1
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System Requirements Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch., Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later., iTunes account required