Oil Tycoon

Oil tycoon - classic challenging pipes game. You are saving gas station from bankruptcy. Your task is to restore the fuel supply from the fuel storage to each gas station. In doing so, save gas station from bankruptcy and resume the sale of fuel. The most important logical component is the smallest number of moves. Click on a pipe or a gas station to rotate it. All gas stations must be connected to the fuel storage. All pipes will be interconnected in the end of the game; there will be no 'hanging' ends. Game field wraps vertically and horizontally: pipe in the top row connects with the pipe in the bottom row on the same column, pipe in the leftmost column connects with the pipe in the rightmost column on the same row. Do less rotations to achieve high score, and gas station do not bankruptcy during the financial crisis. Time does not influence the score, think as long as you wish. This game contains a limited number of levels. In order to get new levels and skins need to purchase the full version of Gas Tycoon. Gas Tycoon contains this skin and can get new levels from the Internet. Gas Tycoon also supports OpenFeint achievements and LeaderBoards.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 7.63 MB
Version 1.3
Operating System iOS
System Requirements None