Nok Hockey

Nok Hockey is an electronic version of the real-life hockey based board made by Carrom. The game is full of action and excitement! It will test your shooting skills and ability to knock the puck into the goal, by finding the correct angle and speed, while also using the boards. OpenFeint has been added to Nok Hockey! Now you can let the whole world know how excellent a player you've become! Signing up with OpenFeint will allow you to post your scores and results directly to places like Facebook and Twitter! PLAYING TIP: TO SHOOT - PUT YOUR FINGER BEHIND THE PUCK (not on it) AND SWIPE YOUR FINGER THROUGH THE PUCK IN THE DIRECTION YOU WANT IT TO TRAVEL. There are 3 different playing modes of the game: Player vs. Player, Player vs. Computer, and the Shootout Mode! In the Player vs. Player mode, you can play hockey against someone else using the same device. But score quickly, because the first to score 5 goals wins! In the Player vs. Computer mode, you can select how good the Computer is: easy, intermediate, or difficult. But be careful, when you select a difficult computer opponent, the goals come quickly so make sure you can score quickly too! And also, the first to score 5 goals wins! In the Shootout mode, you have the opportunity improve and test your shooting skills. The computer will randomly select 10 different shots on the board for you to shoot from. Your objective is to score as many of the 10 shots as possible. Then, play again to see if you can beat your score. And just a TIP, when taking a shot, be sure to put your finger BEHIND THE PUCK (not on the puck), and then with one motion, move your finger over and passed the puck. But find the right speed and correct angle. You will need these to be just right to score!! NOK HOCKEY by TNT APPS.....HE SHOOTS, HE SCORES!!!
Price USD 0.99
License Purchase
File Size 9.99 MB
Version Nok Hockey 3.1
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later. iTunes account required