Ninja Baccarat - Oicho Kabu

The most famous Japanese traditional card game 'Oicho Kabu' available for the iPhone/iPod !'Oicho Kabu' is play at Old Japan gambling parlor 'Toba'.To collect 'Ukiyoe' of 'The Fifty-three Post Stations of the Tokaido Road'!-----------------------------------------------------"Ninja Baccarat - Oicho Kabu" is can play the most famous Japanese traditional card game 'Oicho Kabu' in your iPhone / iPod .-Anytime,Anywhere,You can play 'Oicho Kabu''Oicho Kabu' is the Japanese traditional card game such as baccarat and blackjack card game.This game is compete 2 or 3 cards digit of total number close to 9.'Shippin','Kuppin','Nobori'and'Kudari','Arashi'.....Etc.There are many special Hands,you can get 2x to 20x bet.-With a gripping psychological warfare!Draw one more card or don't...Escape the game or compete...Opponent card is special Hands 'Shippin' or normal numbers?See opponent open card to reasoning a hands,logical thinking and psychological warfare is true value of 'Oicho Kabu'!-To collect 'Ukiyoe' of 'The Fifty-three Post Stations of the Tokaido Road'!'Campaign Mode',travel 'The Fifty-three Post Stations of the Tokaido Road' and play 'Oicho Kabu'.Clear Post Stations,you can get 'Ukiyoe' picture of 'The Fifty-three Post Stations of the Tokaido Road'.'Ukiyoe' is Japanese old style woodcut.If you get 'Ukiyoe', anytime you can watch in 'Gallery mode'.'Ukiyoe' picture is cooperation by (C)The Adachi Woodcut Prints,Allright reserved( rules can be set to the rich!'Oicho Kabu' have many various local rules.In this game,you can set many local rules,include start coins,Doumae(limit to bet)...This time you want to play short time? No ,play seriously...This game meet various what you wants.-People do not know the rules can be played on!If you are first hear the name of the game 'Oicho Kabu',don't worry.This game have some descriptions to beginner, cards type,how to play, special Hands,how to called number in the game....If you can't remember original card pattern,you can play the trump card pattern. Learn rules in this game ,try to play 'Oicho Kabu' with your family,your friends,your lovers and colleague.---------------------------[Game Mode][Free Mode]:Game mode to change the rules set free.[Campaing Mode]:Game mode to collect 'Ukiyoe' of 'The Fifty-three Post Stations of the Tokaido Road'[How To Play]:You can see how to play this game.[Gallery Mode]:Watch 'Ukiyoe' pictures get in [Campaign Mode].[Rule Setting]:Set many local rules,start coins,Doumae.---------------------------[Features]-Change card pattern(select from Kabu-card,trump card)-Select Sound on/off-Local setting:'Toichi' rules,'Pin Basami' rules,'Arashi' 'Dealer' win,Deal 3 cards,4-6 to escape,3 cards 0 to escape,Your Coins,Doumae.If you have any questions or update suggestions,please tell us on Twitter.
File Size3.72 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone and iPod touch (2nd generation)., Requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later., iTunes account required