Medieval Word Lite

Medieval Word is strategy / word guessing crossover game. The enemy is attacking your castle and in order to repel the attack you have to train your warriors. You will have to carefully choose your warrior for the battle. Each type of warrior has is weakness and its strengths. As you create more and more warriors of one type they will level up becoming more powerful and more resilient to the enemies attack.In order to train your warrior you need resources, and the resources are obtained using your semantic and linguistic knowledge, guessing words for various categories you will get the resources necessary to create an army worthy of a true leader. But be warned if you press randomly the letters on the keyboard you will lose money each time you press incorrectly a key. Guess the words, plan you attack and win the battle. Good Luck!How to Play:- Start typing the letters you think are in the presented word, use the category as a hint,- As you type correctly the letter and guess the words you will earn gold, which you can use to train three types of units:* Warrior: Powerful melee unit. - Strengths: High armor, high life, powerful melee strikes.- Weakness: Not resilient to magic, slow, no ranged attacks.* Archer: Flexible ranged unit.- Strengths: Fast movement, fast strong ranged attack.- Weakness: Weak armor, extremely weak against magic attacks* Mage: Extremely high magic damage.- Strengths: Very long attack range, very powerful magic spells, resilient against magic.- Weakness: Low life, no armor, very slow.- Choose wisely your army, a wrong selection of units can lead to a unrepeatable damage. (Eg. sending a legion of warriors agains a mage, many will fall at the power of the mage).- Level up your units. As you create unit your will automatically level up your units.- Use the bonus. Along the battle you will receive bonus:- Berserk: Your unit will be more powerful, more resilient and will ignore many of the damage caused to it.- Heal: The unit that touches this bonus will heal.- Repair: Your castle will be repaired.- Gold: Free Gold.- Bonus gold on letter: Each letter guesses right will give you more gold.- Destroy your enemies Castle: This is your ultimate objective.Features:- Selectable Languages for the word dictionary.- Selectable Categories for the word dictionary.- Open Feint integration.- Achievements.- Global High scores.- Ranks.- Engaging gameplay.- Beautiful graphics.- Great sound score.Get Medieval Word today and start the battle soldier!.For suggestions, support and comments write us at
File Size9.44 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone and iPod touch., Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later., iTunes account required