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To celebrate our newly release game KatchUp, we're making smackBOTS free - 100% off!!!!!! for a short limited time. Search for KatchUp in the appstore.>Multiplayer Server will be offline for most part of Tues, Dec 15th 2009. We are currently working on moving multiplayer server to a higher capacity server. We also have submitted an update that fixes some of the multiplayer issues.How can you support smackBOTS as a free game, please check out our other iPhone games and leave us a review in iTunes or Appstore. That will help us in making smackBOTS better! Number 92 in Top Free Apps. Number 42 in Top Free Games. Number 16 in Top Free Action Games. Number 2 in Top Free Kids Games.Rated 4 out of 5 by 148apps.comSmackBOTS is a fun game. Nothing entertains me more than a game I can dive right into without having to worry about strategy and story lines. The animation is simple, yet amusing and the game play is challenging in spite of the deceptively easy controls.Reviewed by"If the game reminds you of an old classic toy, then you are right on target! Its a RockEm SockEm fighter on your iPhone. Its fun and doesnt take up hardly any room on your device. Sometimes you just need to beat the crap out of a robot."*******************************************LeftRight Studios introduces to you our first title for the IPhone and IPod Touch. smackBOTS is an action-packed game with an intriguing story line where robots battle each other in an arcade style setting. smackBOTS promises fun and excitement with thumb smashing speed, special combo moves, complemented with excellent graphics and audio. Gamers who have played smackBOTS felt like they were playing Rockem Sockem in the new millennium; filled with action-packed sequences like streetfighter.ouTou will battle 6 levels with other robots in a single player mode. Your defense budget gets a boost beating each evil bot that comes after you. Use your defense budget to buy upgrades such as combo moves. Speed up that swing of yours and attack by buying the Oil lubrication. Features:- Single player mode with 6 levels; battle against computer with a single player story line.- Multiplayer over WIFI. Now you can battle other players over the internet. Win the fight and get a boost to your defense budget.- Customize your robot with different color and head attachment options.- Use tilt control to move your smackBOTS!- Buy and unlock secret combo moves.- Upgrade your attach speed by buying oil lubrications.- When the battle gets tough, hit the berserk button and your quick smashing robot arms will crash your opponent. Or protect yourself from your opponent's berserk moves.- Unlock additional robot head and color options when your defense budget gets a boost from winning fights.- Two levels of difficulty. If you think you've seen it all, try "I'VE GOT CRAZY THUMB SPEED!" and take up the challenge.As you can see, smackBOTS is an ongoing development game, we have been updating smackBOTS since version 1.0 in June. Upcoming features include:- 2 new single player levels- Armor and weapons.- Making multiplayer faster and better.- New smackBOTS heads.- Train your smackBOTS to increase Power Index.Response to review questions:@666Gamer: It's coming soon.@Bud2009: Armor and weapons is in development and you can support by this development by giving us a better rating, tell you friends to download smackBOTS. Remember we want to try to keep this game free as long as we could.
License Free
File Size 6.39 MB
Version 1.4.4
Operating System iPhone OS 3.x iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch., Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later., iTunes account required