Flick Cricket Pro

"A catchy cricket app well worth a spin during tea breaks" - iGizmo, iPhone app of the week Flick Cricket Pro is a fun, quick, simple cricket game integrated with Facebook! Import your Facebook friends and their profile pictures straight into the game, and have fun playing cricket! Don't worry if you're not on Facebook - you can play without it. --- How To Play Batting - Just drag your finger towards the ball in any direction you like. The longer the stroke, the higher the ball goes - The faster the stroke, the harder the hit. Can't hit it? Try doing slower smaller shots 'til you get the hang of it. Don't cross the red line, or make the shot too big or you will miss it completely! Bowling - Choose the type of ball and then just drag your finger down the screen to bowl it. The ball will start from where you start touching the screen, and the speed and direction is set by how fast and where you move your finger. Running - Just drag your finger up the screen to make the batsmen go for a run. If you are having troubles, swing by my website - www.flickcricket.com ** Please note the issue with the Start Button missing for iPod Touch users has been resolved in this version. --- The Pro version has some great extra features to tune your game... Bat, Bowl, or Both - choose to bat first, bowl first, or chase/bowl to a target. Custom Teams - customize your teams. Rename teammates, import them from Facebook - whatever you like. Changeable game length - Play a quick 5 or 10 over game, a 20 over game, or a massive 50 over one dayer! Choose your logo - Choose from a set of 16 different logos. No ads - erm....well....no ads :) Standard features include.. Import Facebook Friends - Log in to Facebook and import random Friends and their profile pictures to show up on your team, or in the team playing against you! Post updates to Facebook - Did one of your team mates score a half century, or even a hundred? Post it on Facebook! You can also post high scores, and game results. Challenge your friends to beat you... Flick to bat - flick faster for a harder shot. Longer strokes hit it higher in the air. No gestures here - actually hit the ball... Flick to bowl - set your speed and direction by flicking. Set your field - drag your team mates anywhere on the field. Wagon Wheel - see where the batsmen are hitting the ball and set your field to suit. Autosaving - If you have to stop playing for any reason, you can continue quickly from where you left off. I hope you enjoy the game! Glenn --- FAQ (For more visit the forums at www.flickcricket.com) WHAT SHOULD I KNOW ABOUT THE AI? When you are batting, the AI will take note of where you are scoring runs and adjust the field to suit. Try hitting in an area regularly, then adjust your attack when the AI makes its move :) When batting, all AI Batters have 2 quarters of the field it feels comfortable hitting to, and two it isn't. Check the wagon wheel, and adjust your line, bowler type, and field to try and make them uncomfortable... BATTER AI - Red, Yellow, and Green To give you an idea of how the AI is feeling a Red, Yellow, or Green stroke is drawn when they play a stroke, and a matching circle id drawn briefly over their icon after they play a shot. Go to www.flickcricket.com to find out what these colours mean, and how to unsettle the AI :)
Price USD 0.99
License Purchase
File Size 7.77 MB
Version 1.04
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later. iTunes account required