eXtreme Paddle is much more than the classic Pong game!eXtreme Paddle-IP versus eXtreme Paddle:eXtreme Paddle is the free version of eXtreme Paddle-IP. Both eXtreme Paddle and eXtreme Paddle-IP contain WiFi Bonjour and Bluetooth support. eXtreme Paddle is support by Apple's iAd network. eXtreme Paddle-IP is iAd free.Game Definition:In the game you defend your territory by using your paddle to fend off the orb, deflecting it to attack your opponent. The orb can attack from multiple angles and increases in speed as the volley's accumulate, so keep your skills sharp.Multiple levels of the game allows you to pick your attack and defensive forces.Game reports volley count so you can attempt to beat your best! Log your high volley count in the App Store comments to show off your skills, but don't be offended when somebody else beats your score.Game Options:Paddles large or smallOne or two sets of paddlesRoving horizontal paddleBlack hole with random locationRoving vertical paddlePaddles with spring actionBall size large or smallSound on or offQuick exit after volleyOne or two screen mode for eXtreme Paddle-IP with two playersGame Play:Game play is a combination of options above in one of three modes: Single player mode (you versus the computer). You versus a friend on the same device. You versus a friend, each on your own device via a wireless connection.First player to reach 7 goals wins.Game Control:Use your finger or thumb to control the position of the bottom paddle. Tap instead of sliding for immediate placement of the paddle. If you are playing with multiple paddles, your finger or thumb controls both paddles simultaneously.Game Requirements:eXtreme Paddle-IP and eXtreme Paddle require an iPad, iPod Touch or an iPhone running iOS 3.0 or greater.****************************************************************************Visit http://www.cassit.com/ and click on iPhone Apps****************************************************************************eXtreme Paddle-IP is not affialated with Atari Interactive.
File Size1.13 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later. iTunes account required