COMPETITIVE MODE WILL HAVE ITS OWN SCOREBOARD SOONFAST PACED SHAPE, COLOR AND PATTERN RECOGNITION GAME ***EVOLVE SHAPES WITH COMBOS OF COLORS AND/OR SHAPESMUTATIONS BLOCK SPACES AVAILABLE FOR COMBOS THE MUTATIONS ARE RELASED BY A TIMER THAT GETS FASTER WITH EACH LEVEL *** EVO RULES1.Move to the NEXT LEVEL by connecting a chain of four (4) ++++ cross2.Evolve shapes to cross by making chains of THREE OR MORE OF THE SAME COLOR3.Evolve shapes by making chains of THREE OR MORE OF THE SAME SHAPE (except for squares). For example, a chain of (3) circles will get you (1) triangle and a chain of (3) triangles will get you (1) cross . As you already know you need (4) crosses to get to the NEXT LEVEL4.Race Against the MUTATIONS timer (bad guys) because a chain of (4) mutations is GAME OVERTIPS AND TRICKS1.You can almost always make a "chain" with only (1) move. Moving smarter is better that moving faster 2.Look for your next move before the last one is finished3.When (3) mutations end up together in a row or column, split them up to take away the chance of an accidental GAME OVER4.At the beginning of a level focus on colors, once you start getting higher shapes like Triangles then start focusing on getting these involved in a chain first. This allows you to evolve to cross faster as well as get more points 5.During the early levels (1-3) try to maximize the points after that get thru each level as fast as you can.6.Start right in on the next level when it comes up. Do not wait for the end of the sound and animation to start making chains7. Get in the zone, this game is about mental toughness and endurance
File Size4.58 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone and iPod touch., Requires iPhone OS 2.1 or later., iTunes account required