Dangerous Finger free

"Dangerous Finger free" is the free edition of the paid edition "Dangerous Finger"."Dangerous Finger free" is very simple and thrilling game.You have the tool that a point becomes sharp in its right hand, and thrust the space of the finger of your left hand at the tip of the tool one after another.When you thrust your left hand by mistake ... "It hurts!"But you may be relieved. You don't need to have a tool in your right hand with this game. Your finger is a tool.You tap the area between the fingers of the left hand in the In Sequential Order. And, tap it as early as possible.The time measured is recorded if you succeed in the play and exceeds the fastest time.A play is finished when you mistake the turn of the tap, the area of the tap.You imitate a game, and it is very dangerous to do it by your actual hand. You enjoy it only with a game.Though "Dangerous Finger free" is only Boy's 1 mode, there is Boy's, Girl's and Alien's 3 mode in the paid edition "Dangerous Finger".Then, there is a habit in Girl's and Alien's left hand.As for the details, see the paid edition "Dangerous Finger", please.
File Size1.34 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone and iPod touch., Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later., iTunes account required