Baggage Control Lite

Baggage control - strategic arcade game. You work in the baggage sorting office. Your task is to sort baggage according to the sticker on the suitcases. The game presents five color stickers. Red, orange, green and blue buttons correspond sorter and black luggage is not in need of sorting. Your task as much as possible to sort the bags and avoid mistakes. And just to find contraband in bags by touching them.!!!DO NOT FORGET TO TOUCH ON THE BAG AND EARN EXTRA LIVES!!!The game supports:- OpenFient game social network.- Leaderboards (only full version)- Achievements (only full version)!!!BE SURE TO SEE THE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE, IT WILL HELP YOU. PLAY NEED TWO HANDS AND THEN THERE IS NOTHING DIFFICULT!!!Video on YouTube with search string "Baggage Control 1.3"!!!NEW GAMEPLAY!!! - Added several lives - Added search of illegal items in the bag (+life) - Added the bonus bag (+life) - Added Achievements OpenFeint (only full version)- Added Leaderboards OpenFeint (only full version)- Added help screenOptimized game engine and added new sounds.
File Size9.25 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone and iPod touch., Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later., iTunes account required