Ak Glide

AkeySoft's classic Palm Game now hit iPhone. Totally free. Ak Glide is a quick-to-pick-up puzzle game. Total 29 symbols of 6 kinds and 1 empty slot are scattered in a 5-reel slot machine. Your mission is to line up same symbols in same rows by moving the symbols. There are two ways to move the symbols: 1. Spin the reel. You can slide your finger on the reel and the reel will spin one grid per time. All symbols on the reel will move together. The disappeared symbol will show on the other end. 2. Switch symbol with empty. When you touch a symbol adjacent to the empty slot. The symbol will jump into the empty slot. And the slot it occupied before now is empty. By moving all symbols around, you finally will arrange all same kind of symbols in same row. Then the puzzle is solved. Challenge your brain with Ak Glide. Now.
File Size2.1 MB
Operating System iOS