3D Times Table Calculator

Advantages of Interactive 3D Multiplication Times Table Calculator:Prior to pressing the equals sign, the student can SEE the answer visually presented as a series of 3D blocks; they can rotate this series, zoom in and out, separate or combine the relevant sets of blocks, and customize the colour scheme, getting an intuitive feel for the answer before it is presented numerically.The commutative property of multiplication is demonstrated numerically, and the student can use sliders to visually explore how the blocks can be separated into each form of the question.An arithmetical sequence table presents the related patterns of addition that lead to the answer. The answer is not shown until the equal sign is pressed, but the student can follow the pattern and attempt to work out the answer on their own.The combination of linked features, visual perspectives, and interactive feedback creates an immersive learning environment designed to develop a true understanding of multiplication and related concepts.The 3D Times Tables App is a wonderful hands-on introduction to 3D perspective and the manipulation of 3D objects in XYZ space.For Help with Features, simply press the ? (question mark) in the upper left corner.Questions (such as 9 X 3) are represented on the main display in two ways:- Numerically in the upper right corner;- In 3D Blocks in the center of the screen.Numbers and Calculation Controls:- Buttons numbered 1 through 12.- Large X multiplication sign button.- Large = equals sign button displays answer.Delete button allows you to step backward through an input sequence.Clear button clears the display for new input and resets all values to their defaults.Commutative Property of Multiplication:As a student enters a question (for example 9 X 3), it appears in the upper right corner, and the equivalent question (in this case 3 X 9) is displayed below it; this demonstrates the commutative property of multiplication. Both questions displayed share the same answer.The 3D blocks representing a question can be manipulated in several ways:- Use the XYZ Axis Controls in the lower left corner to rotate the blocks, or use Swiping Gestures to do the same thing.- Precise Single Degree Adjustments are possible using the Left and Right Arrows beneath each Axis Control.- Use the Zoom Slider to zoom in and out, or use Pinch Gestures to do the same thing. The Zoom Ratio (for example: 1.50:1.00) is displayed in the lower right of the Main Display.- The Reset Button to the right of the Axis Controls returns all values to their default settings.Table of Related Arithmetic Sequences:- A convenient table on the right shows the related Arithmetic Sequences (patterns of addition) leading to the answer.Pressing the Explore More button brings the student to a new screen where they can further interact with the 3D blocks:- Use the Left and Right Arrows to Auto Spin the X, Y, or Z Axis, or any combination of the three. The blocks will continue to rotate until the arrows are pressed again.- Use the Sets Sliders to adjust the distance between the 3D blocks in a way that emphasizes the relevant numerical sets (for example, Show 9 sets of 3, and Show 3 Sets of 9).- Press the PLAY MOVIE button to play a movie showing the relevant numerical sets.- Press the Exit button to return to the Numbers and Calculation Controls.By default the blocks are randomly assigned colours. In the lower right is a Colour Palette that students can use to customize colours:- 13 Colours to choose from.- 2nd colour button allows you to choose a second colour for a patterned look.- Random colour button randomly colours each block.- Use any colour, including Random, as the only, first, or 2nd colour choice.Use the Hide Controls Button in the upper left corner to hide all the controls and display a Full Screen View of the 3D blocks.
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Version 1.0.7
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPad Air, iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 2 Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Air 2, iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi + Cellular.