Play Dino Painting : Dinosaurs

Love dinosaurs? Love coloring? Weve put together a collection of the best dinosaur for all childrens favorite dinosaurs. All of this is 100% free!!Our kids love to color dinosaurs!! Dinosaur coloring for kids- Raah!Once again this is 100% free!!!!!!Features 80 premium high quality Dinosaurs to sketching and painting for our children to play the best Dinosaur coloring support (ichthyosaurs, carnivorous dinosaurs, pterosaurs, herbivorous dinosaurs)Not just simple coloring of each dinosaur. Kids will also learn educational and cool facts about each dinosaur.The one of most precious gift you can give to children. The gift that is most important to give your children wont cost you a penny. Just Enjoy It!!We hope you have fun coloring, all these great dinosaur resources and we thank you for your valued visit! If you enjoyed this page please feel free to share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter as well! [Special features] Realistic brush tool which is similar in appearance to real crayon Various images offered with high quality color functionality 4 Category 80 images available for each menu Mix freely different colors Educative effect by showing names of each image Package of images offered (Carnivorous, Herbivorous, Pterosaur, Ichthyosaurs ) Compatible with New iPad, iPad2, iPad, iPhone4S, iPhone4, iPhone3G, iPhone3GS, iPod[All Dinosaur List] Category 1 : CarnivorousAlioramus, Coelurus, Sinosauropteryx, Ornithomimus, Suchomimus, Coelophysis, Dimetrodon, Deinocheirus, Ornitholestes, Eoraptor, Deinonychus, Gorgosaurus, Shuvuuia, Spinosaurus, Herrerasaurus, Allosaurus, Oviraptor, Tyrannosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Khaan Category 2 : HerbivorousSaurolophus, Tsintaosaurus, Muttaburrasaurus, Gallimimus, Iguanodon, Nigersaurus, Centrosaurus, Hadrosaurus, Microceratus, Stegosaurus, Corythosaurus, Ouranosaurus, Lambeosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, Parasaurolophus, Heterodontosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Einiosaurus, Edmontonia Category 3 : PterosaurPteranodon, Eudimorphodon, Ornithodesmus, Cearadactylus, Anhanguera, Dorygnathus, Campylognathoides, Preondactylus, Nyctosaurus, Dimorphodon, Sordes, Quetzalcoatlus, Pterodaustro, Rhamphorhynchus, Germanodactylus, Dsungaripterus, Tropeognathus, Ichthyornis, Tapejara, Archaeopteryx Category 4 : IchthyosaursPeloneustes, Ophthalmosaurus, Globidens, Muraenosaurus, Stenopterygius, Tylosaurus, Elasmosaurus, Mixosaurus, Shonisaurus, Ichthyosaurus, Notosaurus, Cryptoclidus, Archelon, Plesiosaurus, Mosasaurus, Kronosaurus, Proganochelys, Clidastes, Ceresiosaurus, Cymbospondylus
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