CalcStep - Step By Step Arithmetic Operations And Explanations

CalcStep is a step by step arithmetic calculator which gives you the result at each step of the calculation and also explanation of how the calculation was achieved unlike a standard calculator which gives only the end result,it performs the basic arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division just like a human being by performing the operation on each individual digits. Calculator interface: provides the same simple and elegant interface as that of the calculator and so you use it as you use a calculator. Step Tap: Tap on any of the step to get a detailed explanation of that step. Split View: For iPhone 6 plus and iPad it provides a split view screen for medium sized numbers where it displays the calculated steps for the arithmetic operation on the left side of the screen and detailed explanation on the right of the same screen for each steps. Save to Camera: Save the results for each operation to the camera roll of your device, if you are using iPhone then you can message the camera photo image to your peers, you can also transfer it from camera roll to your desktop computer, take a print out and study the calculation. Auto Resize & Transform: Automatically resizes the user interface and transforms and adapts itself based on the device that you are using, so the same elegant and consistent interface across the iPhone, iPhone 6 plus and the iPad. Arithmetic feature: Addition with Carrying, Multiplication by one, two or more digits number, Division by one, two, ore more digits number, Division with and without remainder. Support for very large numbers: Calstep can crunch numbers from ones, tens, thousands, to million, billion to hundred nonillion which is 100, 000 trillion trillion, so can be used by children of different age groups, students, parents, teachers.Arithmetic is the foundation required for simple day-to-day counting to learning more advanced maths in early childhood, step by step calculations has to be followed in order to achieve the result which teaches logic and order which forms the base for learning computers and computer languages, CalcStep has been designed to help build the arithmetic foundation and it is self learning tool which can be used by children of all ages as well as adults as it can crunch small to very large numbers and explain in detail how arithmetic works.So teach yourself arithmetic by downloading the app now!
Price USD2.99
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File Size 913.38 kB
Version 1.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4. iTunes account required.