Prep PositionsPrep Positions is a multi-purpose app specifically designed to encourage language and formulating sentences containing prepositions. With 15 levels, multiple sentences for each level, and the ability to adjust levels to fit individual needs, this comprehensive app is perfect for students struggling with understanding and using prepositions. The in-app data collection makes this app perfect for progress monitoring in Response to Intervention (RTI) or Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). Teachers, Language Arts Specialists, and Speech-Language Pathologists will love the customization and the comprehensive data. Students will enjoy the earning balls for an engaging game while learning these important skills.How to PlayBegin play by importing players into Prep Positions from the Therapy Report Center or entering players on the Players page. Once players have been added, up to five players can be selected per session. There are 15 levels of prepositions. Level 1 is designed for early readers (3rd grade) and includes at, up, down, on, and by while level 15 is designed for older students and includes because of, close to, depending on, and up to. When the level is selected, the screen opens with a picture and sentence. Within the sentence is a blank space. Three possible words are shown underneath the sentence. The player drags the correct word up to the sentence to fill in the blank. An optional setting provides a prompt for the player to record the sentence to provide practice in saying the sentence correctly. CustomizationPrep Positions is highly customizable. The settings tab allows for customization of both the app itself or an individual players settings. To customize the whole app on the select player screen, tap the settings tab:adjust audio settingsset the number of balls needed before playing the gameselect when to play the game (after earning a certain number of balls or at the end of the session)set the background visuals determine if the app should suggest recording Modify sentences To customize for an individual player at the bottom of the player icon tap modify:Select a levelModify the preposition targeted within each levelData CollectionPrep Positions is compatible with The Therapy Report Center so data is easily managed. Within the app itself, a student report card is generated after every session. In the report card, data is reported by session, level, or by preposition. These report cards can be exported to the Therapy Report Center, printed, or emailed. Data is kept and compiled chronologically to make progress reporting easy.Also from the report card center, it is possible to adjust a players level or play the game. PurposeThe purpose of Prep Positions is to encourage both the understanding and use of prepositions in sentences. Prepositions constitute 30% of all writing1. For students to be successful in writing prepositions, they must be successful in knowing and using prepositions. The app encourages practice and carryover of the skills taught while having fun and using technology. Monitoring of these skills encourages students to self-advocate, ask for clarification, and use appropriate strategies for resolving problems. In addition to progress monitoring for RTI and IEPs, Prep Positions explores many of the Common Core State Standards in Language. By incorporating the ability understand and use prepositions, the Common Core standards for Language are covered2.FeaturesPrep Positions has the following featuresCustomizableData collectionHigh quality images15 levels and at least 30 sentences per levelSingle or Multi-player useSources1Pennington, M. (2010). How to teach prepositional phrases. Pennington Publishing Blog. Core State Standards Initiative:
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