Flash Tests is a simple tool that is used for testing vocabulary. It extends the Flash Strings. It helps to find out how many words you know.Knowing many words is very good, testing many working is amazing. How many words you know? Did you measure your vocabulary size? Well, now you can! The time limit makes it more challenging. The test contains words with three options, and number of words are decided by the way you have configured it. Countdown circle is one of the ways to distract you, but knowledge beats everything. Almost everything.Words are inherited from the Flash Strings application. It is an extension of the Flash Strings and it helps to improve your vocabulary. Correcting tools are helpful in correcting mistakes and this application is designed to correct your mistakes. If you have made any.Design:- Main view holds many parts like test summary, historical summary, and word count configuration menu.- Test view redirects you to another view that takes tests.- History view holds the results and they help correcting mistakes.- Simple gestures help you interact with the application. - Simple design makes it fun to use.- Logs display given answers and correct answers. That is something!- Right and left swipes are added to change views.- Countdown circle takes care of the time.- Simplicity is the key. Features:- Takes tests.- Stores results.- Configures word count.- Detailed result view for correcting mistakes.- Colourful test card border for easy understanding.
File Size338.5 kB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with . iTunes account required.