Maths Milestones

The Maths Milestones App is a pioneer in the field of technology based education. It is fun, user friendly, and most of all, effective.Whether you are a student, a teacher or a parent, our App is designed by school teachers to be a fantastic teaching tool that can be used in the classroom or at home.One of the biggest challenges faced by students, parents and teachers who are trying to teach maths to children is that it doesnt spark the students interest. As is always the case, people learn far more effectively if they enjoy what they are doing. Maths Milestones has revolutionised the way maths is taught to students, developing an activity-based tutoring strategy that has kids enjoying their maths and as a result learning far more quickly and effectively. The Maths Milestones philosophy centres around eliminating mathematical anxiety, and in an environment dominated by technology, the Maths Milestone App is the next frontier. Combining their face-to-face activity based tutoring with the latest technology, Maths Milestones are excited to introduce the Maths Milestones App. Maths Milestones explains why the App has been so successful with existing students, The multiplication strategies we use are all based on visual activities. Our App is one of a kind because it shows students how and why 6 x 8 = 48 for example. Its about understanding the concepts, not just memorising them, and it can be applied to multiplications of any size. Our App provides a platform for students to calculate equations visually. All of the existing Apps in the area of multiplication teach students to memorise times tables. Ours teaches them to understand how times tables work so they can apply what they learn to multiplication equations big or small. The App works by showing the student how multiplication equations can be visually broken up into sections to simplify the process. For example, the App will show a student how 17 x 6 can be visually broken down into (10x6=60) + (4x6=24) + (3x6=18) = 102. This approach teaches students not to fear maths, and in the process eliminates the barriers that so many students face in understanding how to solve multiplication equations.
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